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No foreign culture inspired and influenced my designs in a greater way than the one of Japan. The focus of the following plain list is to provide a collection of original sources. So it is up to the reader to discover the ideas, concepts and beauty of this small selection of architecture and design I recently found on blogs, books and magazines. Some of the projects even need to be found on the website of the authors due to missing linkability.




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leerstehende Reparaturhalle in den Isarauen, München


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biennale 2010

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Längst hat der Herbst Einzug gehalten, das Wintersemester wieder begonnen und das Thema Sylvester ist schon in manchem Munde. Das Jahr neigt sich also langsam aber sicher dem Ende entgegen und wir möchten mit diesen Bildern an die diesjährige Architektur-Biennale in Venedig erinnern, die am 21. November endet.


untitled 20/04/08

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design against the elements – or with them?

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deadline of registration: 24. september 2010
deadline for submission of entries: 19. november 2010
prizes: up to 10.000 dollars
further informations: http://www.designagainsttheelements.org

untitled 04/03/07

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