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Posted in // competitions by studiok6 on 06/12/2009

Studio k6 designed their drawer house for the international open ideas competition prefab 20*20: visions for 400 square foot homes, which was launched by IDSwest, AFH Vancouver and AIBC.

The design concept of this prefab house is based on the principle of a drawer, hence its name: drawer house. it consists of two parts, one functioning as protective case during relocation and spacious living room on site, the other part or drawer contains built-in componentsand most of the technical infrastructure such as bathing room, store room and kitchenette.


The primary material used in the construction of drawer house is compressed straw. a renewable resource with very high availability and exceptionally low costs functioning as insulation and in more densely compressed form even as supporting structure of the whole building. the case is covered with recycled metal panels and solar modules protecting the straw from the weather.

Wooden cladding defines the outer skin of the drawer, while it acts as the functional surface of the interior in the case hiding the tracks of the construction. the sheet metal protecting the straw elements can be made of recycled car bodies, airplane wings or medical tables. these panels just have to be unbent and cut into size, which can be done fairly easily in most workshops around the world.

Drawer house leaves fabrication in its shut form. It can be transported anywhere by truck, ship or even helicopter.

On site drawer house is just placed on prepared foundations, either free-standing or in composition depending on the urban context. drawer pulled out the living room is ready for furnishing in the style of the new house owners. using the interior wooden cladding simple boards can be arranged to form shelves and racks. a shelf wall can be moved between case and drawer to separate certain areas like kitchenette from dining or living from sleeping room.

on the morning after the opening party or any time later the house owners may decide to relocate. drawer house simply gets shut, picked up again and moved to its new designation.

Once the time of drawer house has run out the sustainability of its material concept comes into full effect. most of its remains are either recyclable like the sheet metal, or naturally decomposable like the straw elements and the wooden cladding.

inside + outside drawer house:


features + possible locations:


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  1. manuel said, on 26/12/2009 at 14:41

    tolle arbeiten, weiter so!!

  2. Buckminster Fuller said, on 26/12/2009 at 16:08

    Je öfter ich mirs anschau desto besser – ganz tolle Zeichnungen !

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